Versions of this site have been around in one form or another for nearly two decades now, first as databear.com, and now under my own name. Old versions of the site are archived in the "Wayback Machine."

One thing I did early on the web was a photo-essay about Warren hiving a swarm back in the early 1980s, when we were still a new item. It's been off and on popular over the years, but I've kept it up and running, so it's now become something of an artifact.

Lately, I've been building my photo collection and organizing it. Some years ago, I participated in Flickr's "365 Days" project—the exercise made me me stretch some creative muscles. This year, I'm taking pictures of little items, trying to get better at close-ups, depth-of-field and bokeh.

I keep a Facebook wall, to keep in touch with friends old and new, to erupt into commentary every now and then, and to show of new verse. Not so recently, I've also posted photos and verse in a StumbleUpon blog.